Java, Algorithms and Data Structures

books covering Java, Algorithms, and data structures

What’s Java?

Java is currently one of the most popular programming languages being used. It has about 10 million users.
NOTE: Java and JavaScript are not the same thing; in fact, they are not even related. JavaScript is a scripting language which is used mainly inside of web browsers. -Wikipedia

What’s an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a fancy step-by-step to-do list for a computer.

A recipe is a good example of an algorithm because it tells you what you need to do step by step. It takes inputs (ingredients) and produces an output (the completed dish). -Wikipedia

What are Data Structures?

A data structure is a means by which we store organize data to facilitate access and modifications. –Yacoby

What’s this difficult to understand jargon below?

Below I am actively adding answers to any brief code challenges I successfully complete for archival and reference purposes.


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