Fact Ketchup 06/16/2016

Ketchup is messy and all over the place, so are these facts:

  • I’m battling anxiety and exhaustion daily, and I’m losing.
  • My Javascript teacher’s name is Mike, my Java teacher’s name was Perry, my Intro teacher’s name was Leroi. They all have fantastic hair.
  • I’m behind on blog posts and my Epicodus lessons, but I’m learning not to be to hard on myself, and to persist in spite of the overwhelming workload building around me. It’s working.
  • I purchased, and finished, a box of Walker’s butter cookies this afternoon. They were so delicious. I.have.no.shame!
  • An organization advancing women in tech assigned me a mentor…a male mentor. Seems noble of him to volunteer for such an organization.
  • I don’t think Michael (Epicodus founder) wants us using kitchen chairs with the desks. He returns them to the kitchen in the evenings. Or maybe he just wants us to return them when we’re done…
  • This is my second weekend in a row going home. This weekend my sister will be graduating from high school!
  • I forget how far away I am from anyplace I’ve lived. When I remember I thank God for the blessing. #MightyLongWay
  • Visited Portland’s living room today before heading to the airport:
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • Met an empathetic robot named Pepper on Tuesday evening at New Relic:

There’s more but I’m too tired to recall…until next time ❤


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