One Project Down, One To Go…sorta 06/07/16


Remember yesterday when I was WAY behind, well now I’m sorta behind. I’ve made a bit of progress, and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’d like to share what I’m working on today. It’s a meal tracker, it looks like crap, but it runs like Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign; flexible and adaptable, shifting  with every user whim, fueled with uncertainty on how it will actually work out. Just kidding, but not really.

A user can monitor what they’ve eaten over the course of the day, how many calories each meal contained, and any notes on any relevant details like topping foods with bacon, or removing the bun in place of a lettuce wrap. I’ve thoughtfully named it Meal Tracker and plan on using it once after deployment…for testing. Yep, I love this app.


Meal Tracker should have been done Friday before 5pm. Even worse Github lookup (More on this in a second) should have been done two Fridays ago. I’m not a bum, I promise. There is a substantial amount of information to go over in a small amount of time hence the title “immersive coding bootcamp” BUT…I refuse to move at the pace of the curriculum if I don’t feel comfortable with the day’s material. Judge me not blog reader! Catching up after falling behind is never easy, but it is so rewarding when I can supplement Epicodus’ curriculum with other resources (some listed below) because I have a solid foundation.

It may sound like I’m pretty experienced in the art of falling behind, and that’s because I am. I would strongly suggest any future Epicoders not do so, but I don’t think I would gain as much from the program if I didn’t take the extra time. I feel more confident in what I do know because of it.

GitHub Lookup: Week 1 of Javascript’s Friday project.
Techie terms: Using the GitHub API, the application should accept form input containing a GitHub username, and retrieve public GitHub user information for display, specifically name and descriptions of public repositories.

Layman’s terms: I am making an app that will allow you to lookup a web developers name and projects on a site called by simply submitting their GitHub username.
My GitHub username is LATAEVIA. You can find all my projects here.

I used many of these resources when I started and many are still useful to this day. Most are free, a few are partially free:

‘Learn Code The Hard Way’ series
Chris Pine’s Learn to Program

There are tons more, but these should get you going.



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