Independent Projects Galore 06/07/16

Coupled with a word of encouragement from my Aunt Carol, some inspiration from hiking Wildwood Trail here in Portland, and 12 weeks of  the best of intentions, I am hereby compelled to commit to posting in this blog daily. Because I haven’t shared every step over the past 12 weeks, I’ll be splitting these daily posts into two parts:

This is where I am today, literally. I’ll be sharing from exactly that day and what I can see before me.

This is where I’ve been, and how I found my way here. This blog should serve as an informal archive of my experiences before, during and after Epicodus, but also as a map of sorts for anyone that’s interested in taking the same trail.

And so it begins:


In an effort to become more comfortable with the material from last week (Angular2) I fell behind substantially and now need to complete two independent projects. Future student you may be wondering why two if I’m only 1 week behind. Well I didn’t complete week 1’s. I got a bit haughty, and when I went back to add front end styles, I realized I hadn’t really met the project requirements. This is so not like me. I’m usually pretty spot on with these things, but the real lesson here is to never take advantage of having an opportunity to leave early unless you are COMPLETELY finished. It will come back to bite you in the knickers later.

So now I’m coming to you live, 3:47am June 7, from my cousin’s-cousin’s (more on this later) kitchen in Tualitin, OR, elbow deep in dog drool (more on this later also) in a caffeine induced state of artificial focus, having been a part-time dog sitter this weekend (more on this maybe in another post), stumbling on bugs well rested LaTaevia could have solved in the sleep she got.



My cousin’s-cousin’s kitchen is gorgeous. No it won’t help me fight fatigue but it’s nice to have a place that feels like home. When I arrived in Portland I stayed in an airbnb for a few days, and had no place to go after. I had been looking for housing for months, but nothing had worked out (I’m blaming my Chicago area code for all those unanswered calls). So two tips for the future Epicoder:

  1. Use the forum to find a roommate before you arrive. Dozens of classmates end up as roommates. Plus you know your roommate will have similar responsibilities if they are in Epicodus as well. The key here may be for you to be the initiator. Most people are looking for a room, so if you take the risk of renting a multi-room home or apartment and charge a fair rate, the roommates will come.
  2. If your struggle is really real, I MEAN REALLY REAL, there is what I would call a boarding house within walking distance from Epicodus. The lease is a minimum of 6 months, and rent was $450 in March 2016, which covered a small single occupancy room with closet, sink and mini fridge. The bathroom and laundry machines are communal. Info is as follows:

    Maxwell Hall

    919 SW 14th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97205

Back to my housing struggle..

So after feeling a little bummed about not finding a place that limits bathroom use to 5 people or less, I started scouring Pinterest for 12X12 decor ideas, and planned to stock up on disinfectant products. :/

Then my cousin T calls and says “Hey how’s it going?”, like I wasn’t about to spent 6 months racing for a communal bathroom, and I say “It’s great!” because it was. I was housed, registered, and could buy food. So T replies “Ya know my cousin M lives there.” with the same tonality she’d been using for the past couple weeks. You see I had been calling M for over a week with only a couple texts in response, despite having grown up with M as well. I had given up on connecting with him until the day before I left Chicago when T volunteered to call on my behalf. M apologized, explained he had been busy….then never followed up. So fast forward a week to my disinfectant shopping spree, M finally responds and invites me to stop by to meet his girlfriend and enthuastic dogs (read habitiual hand, arm, face lickers). No more than 5 minutes into the visit  they offered me a room to rent and I’ve been nothing short of safe and comfortable since. #JesusDidThat #WontHeDoIt


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