Career Cycle: Your Network Is Your Net Worth

I’ve turned down a total of 4 interviews for full time work since I’ve been here.
I have applied for ZERO full time jobs.

I know, not all of us want to network, especially me. We may feel awkward, pressured, maybe even deceptive or misleading for all the shameless promotion. Truth is we have to just accept networking for what it is: career menses.

Yes I know it hurts, and a minimum of 5 days a month seems like a lot, but its an inevitable and essential part of our career life cycles. It’s all a part of becoming a professional, and nothing to be ashamed of. We all go through it and when its time, you’ll grow old and retire, but for now we need to take care of ourselves. Here are a few tips to help:

1) Who are you?

Buy cards. Scratch that, buy fantastic cards. Scratch that, let me design and order your fantastic cards. You won’t be disappointed. In the case that you are on a very tight budget, or you are refusing to support budding entrepreneurs, I encourage you to try out

2) What do you do?

Be prepared to sell yourself as the amazing professional you are! Don’t waste your breath on what you are not, or what you can’t do. It’s not useful to either party. My pitch until I complete Epicodus is as follows:

Hi! I’m LaTaevia, a student at Epicodus. I come from a front-end background, and I’m learning backend development now. Tell me more about what you do?

See, that was easy right? It could be longer or shorter depending on your field, or the person’s attention span, but just make a pitch that shares your marketable skills. You’ll fine tune it with practice!

3) Sketch a cool name tag (see above) and talk to strangers

So now you’re in a room full of people you don’t know and quite possibly don’t want to talk to with a pocket full of fantastic cards I designed for you and a 30 second or less elevator pitch. Join the club! Everyone there has someplace else they could be, but they too have a monthly quota to meet. Just remember everyone is there with the same purpose, to build their net worth, through building a network. Everyone in the room is a shark so put on your fin and start swimming.

Just walk up to someone standing alone and blurt out that pitch you wrote, shove that fantastic card in their hand, then wait for them to reciprocate. You’ll do fine! Worse case scenario you’ll have a good laugh to yourself when you remember how your career menses is going 🙂

If you’d like to discuss custom business cards, shoot me a line below:


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