Java, Week 3, Day 1 – Crippling Doubt

“I’m ok, I’m actually ok” is what I keep telling myself despite the panic I experience everyday when I really realize the magnitude of how much there is to know in this field. Sure I can build a website here or an application there, and yes I’m learning tons of new material everyday, but I’m learning an even greater skill at Epicodus. It’s the patience and persistence to keep coding when:

  • None of your tests are passing anymore
  • “It’s” not compiling, but ‘I did everything right’ (clearly I didn’t)
  • Java’s file structure to integrate FluentLenium, Spark, and Velocity just went from annoying to catastrophically application destroying
  • I lost my water jug and am now condemned to walk the halls repeatedly forging for water fountain water
  •  I stayed late and missed the last bus, and I’m all out of uber credits
  • (Back on topic) I realize I missed an ending quote and a closing curly brace…
  • But that only passes 8 of my 17 failing tests
  • I know exactly what to write to make this application work…in JavaScript. But this is Java 😦
  • The weekend work took me 5 hours because I couldn’t stop Googling for additional information
  • etc.

So, I’m learning to rely on my ability to learn more. I’ll never know it all, but I can always forge for fountain water, and return to fight (code) a bit more. Plus there’s always the joy of a working application 🙂


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