Together We Can Send a Young Woman to School for Mobile Development

A brief explanation of what led me here. Enjoy and donate! 😀

I was recently hand selected to attend Epicodus , an immersive coding bootcamp  in Portland, Oregon. It lasts for 6 months, begins in March, and afterward I’ll emerge as a Junior Web Developer.

This opportunity will open countless doors for me to advance in my career, and I’m reaching out to you for help.

Why do you need such a large amount?:

Donations of any amount will help immensely! Seriously $10 means I eat for a day 🙂

But to answer the question, in addition to moving across the country, and the cost of tuition, the program is completely immersive. Class time, paired with homework and self-help, is estimated to require 70+ hours per week. My success in the program depends on my ability to work no more than part time. Funding will be allocated as follows:

Housing and Utilities: $1200/month
Public Transportation: $200/month
Food: $250/month
Miscellaneous Expenses: $450/month
Airfare (Round Trip): $650
Tuition: $3,400
GoFundMe Fee: 8%

Why an immersive coding bootcamp?

The amount of available development and coding jobs at startups and tech companies is mind blowing, and only growing. This demand for people with real-world technical coding skills and the willingness to pay above average salaries for those skills, is leading me to endure what would be years of training, within the span of 6 short months.

I plan on standing out to employers post bootcamp by supplementing Epicodus’ core curriculum with additional skills like algorithms, database structures, open source contributions to music technology projects, and whiteboard interview exercises.

That’s good to know, but I barely know you. Why should I give you my hard earned money?

Nothing I type here can make me worthy of free cash. My intent isn’t to try to pursuade you into donating, but instead to provide a platform for your belief in my success. If you don’t know me at all, then someone you know believes in me. Do you trust them?

Here’s a bit more about me in case you do:

25/Female/Chicago/Person of Color

I once walked 3 miles to a community resource center for a free bus card.

I used that bus card to go register for community college.

I graduated 2 years later with an Associates in Arts.

I then moved to Tennessee to pursue my Bachelors of Science with no car, no place to live, and very little money.

I did own a suitcase, which I used to bring groceries home in until I was able to buy a car.

I finished the 3 year program in 2 years, with honors, and founded an organization to support minorities in my major.

As a woman of faith, I am now imploring your help, so that I can continue to move forward.

You’re clearly a motivated individual, but I’m a bit short on cash right now. Is there another way I can help?

Sure, if you could pass this on to anyone you think would care to help a young woman realize her dreams, that would mean so much!

You can find samples of my advancement so far at .


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